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Texas Electricity Service: No Credit Check

November 22nd, 2010
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About the No Credit Check Texas Electricity Service

Are you looking for an electric company that offers no credit check when obtaining Texas electricity service? I’ll assume that you already know what credit check means and that you may be looking into avoiding this step because of a bad credit. Having a bad credit may mean that you weren’t able to make your electric bills on time. This, however, is important for electric companies because they want to make sure that you have the capacity to pay them for the electricity you consumed. So, who are the people who do not undergo a credit check? Most of the time, companies hold credit checks as a method to determine whether they will require you to pay a minimum deposit or not, before they activate your services. Here are some ways, to at least keep your deposit at a minimal amount.

A pre-paid service is the type of service where you pay for your service in advance but you can dictate the amount of electricity you want to consume in a month. You are also allowed to pay additional money once you have already consumed the allotted electricity.  So, you are free from additional surprise charges and fees that usually happen when you have post-paid services. Several electric companies do not require deposits but some still do. This service is also not available in all electric companies in Texas. So, it is best to start searching for an electric provider that offers pre-paid services that will suit your preference.

Don’t you know that some electricity providers may not do a credit check or require a deposit to be made if you provide a valid credit card to keep in their records? Indeed, some do offer this option even for electricity consumers who have poor credit. This way they can secure payments from your credit card in case you fall short in paying your bills. Debit cards are usually not accepted since they are linked to your savings account. If you do not have sufficient funds then this will create complications especially when you go overdraft. Same goes with credit cards since you may have to pay penalties if you go over your limit.

Another option is to ask someone to co-sign your account. Some companies would not require high deposits if you have a co-signee or guarantor. You can ask a kin or someone who is closest to you, who has the same electricity provider and have them sign as a guarantor on your account. This way the provider can instantly turn on your services as soon as you complete the whole process.

Find out which of these options will help you avoid a credit check or huge deposits. Several electric companies online are more than happy to give consumers options that will suit their needs. Take time to review these options and soon you’ll find the ideal electric company you’ve been looking for!

How to Get Cheap Electricity and No Deposit in Texas?

November 21st, 2010
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Avail the Cheap Electricity and No Deposit in Texas

More and more people are opting for cheap electricity and no deposit schemes in Texas in order to pay lesser electric bills each month. There several ways for you to get cheaper electricity bills that will be mentioned on this article. If we take a good look at our economy, finding out ways on how to find cheaper electricity rates is really important. Here are some tips on how to start saving money on your electricity bill.

One common method is the pre-paid electricity service where one pays in advance the amount of electricity they can consume on a monthly basis. Just like pre-paid service works with mobile phones, you purchase a call card for a specific amount and consume only the number of minutes on such card. Typically, there will be no surprises unlike post-paid electricity wherein you don’t know what exactly your bill is for the month because you’ll only know after you have consumed it.

No deposit guaranteed service is when you need not pay a deposit when you start out with a new electricity provider. Typically, companies that offer this service can waive the deposit if you provide a valid credit card as a form of security for your provider. Often times, companies that offer pre-paid services may not require the need for deposit if your credit is good. Sad to say, the reality will always be that people with not so good credit are required to pay higher deposits and so forth.

Other ways to save on electricity is also through post-paid services wherein you start paying fixed rates on a designated due date. Unlike pre-paid service, you will only pay after you have consumed the electricity. If the energy prices are high then fixed rates can help you save money. But if the prices are low then you will have to keep paying fixed rates for your electric bills. However, even with high energy costs and with post-paid service, you still have other means to save money on your electricity.

You can accomplish an affordable electric bill by the end of the month if you start performing the traditional ways to save electricity. One is by simply turning off lights, appliances, devices, etc. that are not in use. You can also save by lowering the temperature setting of your refrigerator. Try setting up a clothes line outdoors and let you clothes dry there rather than using a dryer. And if you have a computer, make sure to change its settings by automatically entering to Sleep Mode after a specific time of inactivity. Now, start incorporating all these ideas into your lifestyle so you can start saving more on your electricity by paying cheaper electricity bills.

Electric Service Without Deposit in Texas

November 21st, 2010
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No Deposit Electric Service in Texas

How does one obtain no deposit electric service in Texas? There are three types of known electric services in Texas wherein consumers can choose from, in order to obtain electric services. These types are post-paid services, pre-paid services, and no deposit guaranteed services. Each of these services will work depending on your lifestyle and budget. So, if you are interested in a service that doesn’t require a deposit, try checking which of these services will workout well for you.

A deposit is required substantially as a form of security in the part of the Texas electric company in case consumers fail to make their electricity bills. Not all are required to pay a deposit and often time’s consumers with poor credit history are given this burden. Those with good credit rating have more options in terms of selecting their electricity provider. But this does not mean that consumers with poor credit are not given options as well.

The first type of service is the post-paid service. This is the type of service when you pay the electricity that you consumed in a month on the due date. This service is ideal for those who have stayed long in their home and who have no plans of moving since you will be paying fixed rates. Fixed rates are considered affordable and are mostly preferred by consumers especially when the energy pricing trends are high. However, if prices are low then you still need to pay a fixed rate which was agreed upon when you subscribed for the service. Nevertheless, this is ideal in case you prefer no limits when you are using electricity at home.

Pre-paid is the second type of service wherein your electricity is only limited to the amount that you paid for the service. This is ideal to those who are on a fixed income. The electricity bill won’t come as a surprise since you have already paid it in advance. With pre-paid, once you have almost consumed your electricity you will typically receive notification from your utility provider through email or mail. You can request to extend your service by simply paying additional on top of what you have paid. This way your service won’t be turned off entirely.

The third type of service is no deposit guaranteed wherein you do not have to pay a deposit before receiving electricity. This is a good option for those who have problems with their credit. Often times your credit is poor only because of late payments. You can qualify for this service if you can present a credit card that is in good standing for the utility to keep in their records in case you failed to make your payment. Some electric companies that offer pre-paid electricity may not ask for a deposit especially when you have good credit history.

Prepaid Electricity Without Deposit

November 21st, 2010
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Prepaid Electricity – Opportunity for Texas Electricity without Deposit

Have you thought of a better way to obtain electricity without deposit? People are not usually fond of paying a deposit just to get a reliable electricity service. But most of the time, people with really low credit are required to pay a specific amount that would serve as their deposit before their services are activated. That’s why keeping your credit up and attractive is really important to avoid additional fees and in this case, avoid deposits.

So, what are the types of electricity services that you can take advantage of?

Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid electricity has been one of the preferred types of service for most consumers. In the past, consumers were always required to pay a deposit before any service can be consumed. On top of that, you would have to pay for the cost for wirings, switches, sockets, and other charges. Today, every thing is slightly different. Texas consumers no longer need to burden themselves with extra charges or paying a deposit even before enjoying the electric company’s services.

That’s why for obvious reasons people would rather switch to electricity providers that offer prepaid electricity. This type of service is perfect for those who are looking for service where you do not have to pay a deposit. But there are certain circumstances that consumers may be required to pay a deposit. However, only a few Texas electricity companies offer this service. Most of the time, companies that offer prepaid electricity do a credit check to new consumers. If you have good credit then most likely you would not be asked to pay a deposit. You only need to concern yourself with a one-time installation fee for adding the service.

Consumers with poor credit are usually asked to pay a deposit. However, some electric companies will put aside deposits if consumers can present a valid credit card. This is a way for companies to secure payments in case people stop paying their electricity bills. Almost all people have credit cards but you also have to consider your credit limit on a monthly basis. Make sure that you can set aside available credit on your card that is enough to pay the electricity bills.

This is an advantage for electric companies since they can always charge your credit card once you stop making your payments. There are times that this can be risky for you especially when you no longer have enough credit left on your card. You may incur penalties from credit card companies once you go over your limit. But so long as you regularly make your monthly electric bills then you need not worry about it.

Texas: Options to Access Non-Depository Electricity

November 20th, 2010
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Alternatives to No Deposit Electricity Texas

Asking for no deposit electricity in Texas may be a challenge for consumer with low income and poor credit. Credit check is usually part of the process whenever you’re switching to a different provider. This process is fine if you know you have good credit but what if you don’t? I guess one of the questions that usually come into mind is whether the electricity provider will trust you enough to provide you service even without a deposit. Most electric companies require a deposit and the amount usually depends on your credit. So, what other alternatives can you look into to avoid paying a deposit or at least pay a low deposit.

If you have a valid credit card then you may have a good chance of avoiding paying a deposit. However, this may depend on the electric provider you are switching to. That is why it is important to check with different electric providers if they provide this option. What about a debit card? Unfortunately, most companies do not accept debit cards and the reason behind this is because once you start to fail in making your payments, they will be automatically deducted from your credit card. Just be mindful of your credit limit since credit card companies charge you with penalty fees if you go over your limit. So, you must ensure that you have enough credit left on your credit card to avoid these unnecessary charges.

For commercial companies or consumers, some electric companies allow no deposit electricity in Texas if you agree on a letter of guarantee. This only means that you would have to pay the bill just in case your company fails to pay for it. For residential consumers, some providers may allow you to pass over a deposit if you can present three of your most recent electric bills that were paid in full. Providers want to make sure that you are responsible enough to pay your bills and do have the capacity to pay them on a monthly basis.

If you are looking into paying cheap electric rates or pay an amount that is just right for your budget then try looking into prepaid electric service. Once you switch to this kind of service, the electricity company will install a specialized meter that will provide you the electricity that you can consume based on the amount you paid. Since it’s prepaid then you need to pay for your electricity in advance. This type of service is suitable for those on a strict budget. However, you are given the choice to pay additional if you think you need more electricity on a specific month. The provider will provide you notice whether by mail or email for your awareness. Now, start looking for a provider that will allow provide you more options for no deposit electricity.

No Credit Check Electric Service

November 19th, 2010
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Effective Tips in No Credit Check Electric Service

Is there really a better way to a no credit check electricity service? More often than not, Texas electricity companies tend to run a credit check to gauge whether they will require you to pay a deposit or not. Some people with low or no credit want to avoid this process since they will be asked to pay a large sum just for deposit. The deposit can range between a hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars. Now, the question is how and where you can get this amount especially when you do not have a lot of income? This is definitely a tight situation that many would not quality for services. The good news is, there may be ways to gain the trust of electric companies. Here are some tips:

Prepaid Electricity

Is actually an excellent idea especially when you are on a tight budget and you want to make sure that you energy consumption is only limited to a specific amount. Electric companies that offer prepaid electricity services go to your home and install their own electric meter. You can pay in advance for the amount of electricity you plan on using for the month. Some people prefer the prepaid service because having low credit often times is fine so long as you can provide the recent electric bills that show you have paid them in full. Another advantage is the fact that you do not have to worry about hidden charges since you will only be getting the amount of service that you already paid for.

Credit Card & Automatic Debit

Believe it or not, many Texas electric companies waive the credit check and deposit if you can present a valid credit card. Well, who doesn’t have a credit card nowadays? Almost everyone I know has it which is a good thing if you are trying to avoid paying a huge deposit just to get electricity services. The reason behind this is that if you fail to make payments then the electricity company will start taking the payments from your credit card.

A debit card is not acceptable since this is still linked to your savings account. But if you allow the electric company to automatically deduct your monthly electric payments directly from your savings or checking account. This is a great option so long as you ensure that you have sufficient amount of money to cover for these payments on a monthly basis. If you fail to check on the availability of funds in your savings or checking account, then you might be charged with overdraft feels and other fees. Still, there’s no harm in checking with electricity companies if they have this option. You just have to be responsible for your payments.

Easy Access to Electricity Through Prepaid

November 18th, 2010
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No Deposit Electricity – Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Being a consumer yourself, you may have heard of no deposit electricity as an option especially for those who have less income and those who have no credit. Having a bad credit is nothing new. There are many reasons why a person can have bad credit which may have been due to late payments. That is why most Texas electric companies require deposits ranging from $200 to $1,000 in order for electricity consumers to start receiving electric services. The no deposit electricity is a great option for those who simply cannot afford paying a deposit just to get electricity.

If you are wondering why you cannot get cheap electricity rates and even fixed rates, you may want to start looking at your credit rating. If you have poor or no credit then it’s really important for you to establish the trust that is needed before you can start taking advantage of fixed rates or cheap electricity rates. This is how it usually works with Texas electricity companies. Many consumers prefer post paid electricity since most of the time you will enjoy fixed rates and pay only after you have consumed such electricity. The only problem is that most electric companies once again will require you to make a deposit before you are given this type of service.

There’s another option you can look into which is called prepaid electricity. Just by the term prepaid I know you already have a good idea of what this type of service is all about. Since we are talking about prepaid, you are required to pay for the electricity first before you can start using it. But there have been some controversies with some Texas electric companies who without warming discontinue the consumer’s services just because they have been slightly late in making their payments. This isn’t how it should be since energy companies are required to give fair warning before they break off the services.

But if there’s really no other choice other than prepaid and post paid electricity, the no deposit electricity seems like the best solution. So, what is required for a Texas energy consumer to qualify for no deposit electricity? This usually depends on the electric company you are interested in getting. Some require only having a credit card while some Texas electricity companies require you to present three current electric bills that have been paid in full to avoid a deposit or perhaps only pay a low deposit to start receiving electricity service.  So, do not worry if you think you cannot qualify for both prepaid and post paid services. The no deposit electricity service is your best option, so start looking for the best Texas electricity provider to help you get electricity!

Prepaid Electricity as Business

November 18th, 2010
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Prepaid Electricity in Texas – Booming or Falling Business

It is often mind boggling why Texas, a state in the USA that is known for cowboys, rustic environment and native accents, is also known for a high-end technology called prepaid electricity.

Flipping through history books, one can find that Texas is one of the few states that have been discovered to have rich oil reserves that made the state boom in the earlier days.  Looking into the present, the state is acknowledged as one of the most populous state throughout the country.  So what does this two have to do with prepaid electricity? Simple, oil reserves means power, which can generate electricity and having a lot of people means having a lot of consumers for this power source.

As mentioned, due to its rich power resource, Texas had been a haven for electrical companies.  Then came the deregulation law of electric companies that was implemented in 2002, which promoted cheaper electricity for its residents and increased proliferation of a number of companies that distributes this power source.

So how can a power distribution company compete with more than a dozen companies having the same product? For many privately-run electric companies, creativity and cheaper products is the key.  This made way to the rise of prepaid electricity in Texas.

There are several booming prepaid companies in Texas, many of which offer hassle-free, no deposit, and cost-effective services to its consumers.  Among the famous companies are dPI Energy and Freedom Powers that promises the lowest energy rate for its customers.  There is also the Electricity Texas, which tends to focus its advertisement to those who have big credits using postpaid electricity.  There are many other companies that offer practically the same service, but with a lower fixed rate or offering a much smarter electric meter.

But are these services offered really advantageous for its consumers?  Do the low rates, discounts, and no contract policies benefit the power distributor company?  Are these questions answered with a big “Yes”, that would prove that prepaid electricity is a booming business in Texas?

For the power distributor companies, there is the issue of energy consumption and inflation rate.  Energy being extracted from its original source is often expensive and is not for sale in a fixed price.  It usually goes up or sometimes goes down, but when it does goes up, the fixed rate paid by the customers may not be enough to pay for the expenses of the companies. Then there is the problem of abrupt disconnection, which some prepaid consumers complained about.

Although the positive side may seem to outweigh the negative side of prepaid electricity for the companies and its consumers in Texas, but does it provide big safety net for both sides and be considered a booming business for its power distributors?

Prepaid Electricity Facts

November 18th, 2010
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Wonders of Prepaid Electricity

Who would have thought that the prepaid world has now invaded electric consumers and is now promoting a more cost-effective service called prepaid electricity.  When one talks about prepaid, people would tend to associate it with cellular phone services, internet, and other types of services that are used for a very specific amount of time. Yes, it’s true that consumers nowadays can actually pay for their electricity with a fixed amount before using it.

Prepaid Electricity was conceptualized to help consumers to properly control and manage their electrical consumption.   This type of service would require a prepaid electric meter that are not hard to find and are very easy to use for its consumers.  It often comes in different range and phases depending on the amount of energy measuring requirement.

How prepaid meters work usually involved a step by step approach that is elaborately explained by big prepaid electrical companies. There are companies now that provide the so-called outsource management of prepaid meters, which provides many benefits to landlords and building owners like hassle-free knowledge and access to their tenants’ electrical consumption without having to collect revenues from each of them through the use of the internet.

The tenants or those who rent and other consumers of prepaid electricity can also use the more common method of purchasing a voucher that holds a number which they can then put into prepaid electric meters.  Then they can purchase a number of vouchers to ensure that they will have enough power supply.  There are usually no deposits, credit checks, and long contracts that are required for this kind of service, which obviously provides ease of access to its consumers.

Prepaid electricity is growing in popularity and is fast becoming a trend to many consumers.  This phenomenon is attributed to the said cost-effectiveness advantages of the service both for its consumers and the service providers. Cost-effectiveness in prepaid electricity can be pointed out for every consumer who uses it since they actually have the control in their electrical consumption.

Unlike postpaid electricity, most consumers feel that the amount they have shelled-out is more than what they have consumed.  Another point for cost-effectiveness of the service is the fact that the consumers are protected from fines that are imposed by postpaid electrical companies when one pays their bills after its due date and other service charges. All this information will help you understand what pre-paid electricity is all about.