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Prepaid Electricity as Business

Thursday, November 18th, 2010
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Prepaid Electricity in Texas – Booming or Falling Business

It is often mind boggling why Texas, a state in the USA that is known for cowboys, rustic environment and native accents, is also known for a high-end technology called prepaid electricity.

Flipping through history books, one can find that Texas is one of the few states that have been discovered to have rich oil reserves that made the state boom in the earlier days.  Looking into the present, the state is acknowledged as one of the most populous state throughout the country.  So what does this two have to do with prepaid electricity? Simple, oil reserves means power, which can generate electricity and having a lot of people means having a lot of consumers for this power source.

As mentioned, due to its rich power resource, Texas had been a haven for electrical companies.  Then came the deregulation law of electric companies that was implemented in 2002, which promoted cheaper electricity for its residents and increased proliferation of a number of companies that distributes this power source.

So how can a power distribution company compete with more than a dozen companies having the same product? For many privately-run electric companies, creativity and cheaper products is the key.  This made way to the rise of prepaid electricity in Texas.

There are several booming prepaid companies in Texas, many of which offer hassle-free, no deposit, and cost-effective services to its consumers.  Among the famous companies are dPI Energy and Freedom Powers that promises the lowest energy rate for its customers.  There is also the Electricity Texas, which tends to focus its advertisement to those who have big credits using postpaid electricity.  There are many other companies that offer practically the same service, but with a lower fixed rate or offering a much smarter electric meter.

But are these services offered really advantageous for its consumers?  Do the low rates, discounts, and no contract policies benefit the power distributor company?  Are these questions answered with a big “Yes”, that would prove that prepaid electricity is a booming business in Texas?

For the power distributor companies, there is the issue of energy consumption and inflation rate.  Energy being extracted from its original source is often expensive and is not for sale in a fixed price.  It usually goes up or sometimes goes down, but when it does goes up, the fixed rate paid by the customers may not be enough to pay for the expenses of the companies. Then there is the problem of abrupt disconnection, which some prepaid consumers complained about.

Although the positive side may seem to outweigh the negative side of prepaid electricity for the companies and its consumers in Texas, but does it provide big safety net for both sides and be considered a booming business for its power distributors?

Prepaid Electricity Facts

Thursday, November 18th, 2010
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Wonders of Prepaid Electricity

Who would have thought that the prepaid world has now invaded electric consumers and is now promoting a more cost-effective service called prepaid electricity.  When one talks about prepaid, people would tend to associate it with cellular phone services, internet, and other types of services that are used for a very specific amount of time. Yes, it’s true that consumers nowadays can actually pay for their electricity with a fixed amount before using it.

Prepaid Electricity was conceptualized to help consumers to properly control and manage their electrical consumption.   This type of service would require a prepaid electric meter that are not hard to find and are very easy to use for its consumers.  It often comes in different range and phases depending on the amount of energy measuring requirement.

How prepaid meters work usually involved a step by step approach that is elaborately explained by big prepaid electrical companies. There are companies now that provide the so-called outsource management of prepaid meters, which provides many benefits to landlords and building owners like hassle-free knowledge and access to their tenants’ electrical consumption without having to collect revenues from each of them through the use of the internet.

The tenants or those who rent and other consumers of prepaid electricity can also use the more common method of purchasing a voucher that holds a number which they can then put into prepaid electric meters.  Then they can purchase a number of vouchers to ensure that they will have enough power supply.  There are usually no deposits, credit checks, and long contracts that are required for this kind of service, which obviously provides ease of access to its consumers.

Prepaid electricity is growing in popularity and is fast becoming a trend to many consumers.  This phenomenon is attributed to the said cost-effectiveness advantages of the service both for its consumers and the service providers. Cost-effectiveness in prepaid electricity can be pointed out for every consumer who uses it since they actually have the control in their electrical consumption.

Unlike postpaid electricity, most consumers feel that the amount they have shelled-out is more than what they have consumed.  Another point for cost-effectiveness of the service is the fact that the consumers are protected from fines that are imposed by postpaid electrical companies when one pays their bills after its due date and other service charges. All this information will help you understand what pre-paid electricity is all about.

Prepaid Electricity Is Here!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Prepaid electricity is coming to Texas!

This plan involves the electric provider having a “smart” meter on your home . This kind of electric power meter permits you to pre-pay for electric service upfront.  This new and exciting prepaid electricity service will be available soon.  Please check back often for more details.